Why choose Ramsden Training?

We deliver qualifications and skill sets from the ICT10 - Integrated Telecommunications Training Package, ranging from Certificate II, III & IV to Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

Ramsden Training has a reputation for being able to customise courses to meet client needs, which means gaining an understanding of the clients' work and offering elective competencies to match their technical operations.

We have resident qualified and industry-experienced instructors in all state capitals, including at our head office in Lambton, Newcastle.

What we offer

We offer courses and qualifications to enable you to become ACMA and NBN Co accredited, whether you are already an experienced Telecommunications worker or are looking to enter the Telecommunications Industry.

We also offer short courses to enhance your employment opportunities, these include:

Bevan Ramsden

Circuit of Life

It all began when Bevan was engaged for his first job at the Post Master General’s Department, which was the Federal Government Department that operated the Australian postal system.

In telecommunications, mail and telegraph came first and the revolution of the telephone later on.

Suddenly the world became connected.

Even still, there were not enough circuits for every person to link directly to one another for an interstate telephone conversation; you needed to go via a switch board, where one of hundreds of women with great speed and accuracy, would ask you to ‘please hold’ while they connected your call.

Little did Bevan Ramsden know that watching this transformation would start a lifelong career and love affair.

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